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Professor Ron Jimenez

“I would never have persisted in Karate if it weren’t for my instructor Ron Jimenez. It’s been 27 years since I began studying with him. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable & skilled, he is the most patient teacher I have ever encountered. He is also a good human being & cares about the person who is learning Kenpo Karate as much as the art itself.”

-Joan DuBow, First Degree Black Belt

Professor Ron Jimenez has three passions in life: Family, God, and Martial Arts.

Professor Ron Jimenz

If you saw him now, you would never have believed he was bullied as a kid. Pair that up with a growing interest in Bruce Lee, and you get a boy destined to become a black belt- a 6th degree black belt in fact.

He started studying Judo/Aikido in 1971 while he was living in San Francisco. But when he joined the United States Marine Corps in 1976, he switched to Tae Kwon Do when that style was all that was offered.

After excelling in Tae Kwon Do, Professor Jimenez started training in Kenpo Karate under the instruction of Master Jim Mitchell. From there, he quickly adapted to the techniques of self-defensive art and soon began leading classes. He tested for his black belt in 1984.

Professor Jimenez branched out to his own studio in 2003, and all together, has been teaching in Vista, CA, since 1982.

Over the years, he has promoted 21 black belts and has taught dozens of students ranging in age from 3 years-old, to the mid-60′s.

Professor Jimenez tested for his 6th degree black in 2005 under the instruction of Master Tom Georgion and Si-Gung Antwione Alferos of the Whipping Willow Association.

Even now, Professor Jimenez continues to teach, train, and trust in the power of Karate and Kung-Fu.

He has been married to his beautiful wife, Joyce, since 1984, and they have two kids- Nikki, 23, and Steven, 19. In addition to Vista Kenpo Karate, he also owns and operates Pacific Landscape Care and is active in ministry with Calvary Chapel of Vista.

Ron Jimenez Ron Jimenez

Professor Ron Jimenez – 6th Degree Black Belt

How many tournaments have you participated in?

Close to 100 tournaments including:

  • Ed Parker International Martial Arts Tournament
  • San Diego Grand Internationals
  • Long Beach International Karate Championships
  • Boston International Karate Tournament

pate and I just love teaching it!

How many trophies do you have?

Close to 90 trophies/medals. They now decorate my backyard, side yard, garage and anywhere else I can put them.

What’s playing on your ipod?

Elvis (of course) and Journey

Favorite movie?

Kung-Fu Hustle and any Jet Li movies

Favorite Bruce Lee movie?

Fist of Fury.

Favorite technique?

“The one that works.”

Why do you think others should take martial arts?

Martial arts develops self confidence, self-defense, balance and all-around wellness. Anyone at any age can participate and I just love teaching it!

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